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Posted - 04 Aug 2009 :  19:49:01  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote

This is me with my 86 Heritage Softail

Hi, my name is Phil.

I was born in Yorkshire England 47 years ago to a single mum, which wasnít looked upon well in 1962. When I was around eight months of age my mother took the brave step to start a new life and caught a ship to Australia, we arrived in Adelaide and put roots down. My mum met a man when I was two years of age and they fell in love and married, and he gave me his name and a little brother called Stephen, it was the four of us now and I started to grow up in what I thought was a normal type of family the same as any other, I didnít know that my dad wasnít my natural father for he adopted me and treated me as his son, and gave me all the love that he knew how.

My mum and me

My parents worked hard to put a roof over our heads and good food on the table with them both working jobs to make ends meet. My dad was a mechanic then truck driver and my mum did what office work she could find.

Without going into detail for respect of my parents I guess the strain of always working, having different personalities and lack of money took its toll, and the marriage started to deteriorate. At the age of twelve and my first day at high school I came home to see my dad moving all his things onto his truck and pack up and leave our home for good. I was hurt and confused, not understanding what or why this was happening.

We were now a single mum home, where I was now the man of the house. My mum worked full time, so when I got home from school I would do chores like hang the washing out get the dinner started.

As I grew into my teenage years all was not well, I grew more angry with life and my part in it, when I was fifteen years of age my mother called me into her room and said she had something very important to tell me, and that was that my dad wasnít my real father and that he had left before I was born, and the man that I knew as my dad had adopted me. Now I really didnít comprehend all of this at the time but it added to the troubled thoughts that I was continually having. I started to become more violent towards my mother and especially my brother. My mum would bring in phycologists to try and straighten me out, but to no avail.

Through all of this something different started to happen to me, when I was twelve years old and my dad had left home, I would lay in bed at night and for some reason would start to talk to God. I had no religious upbringing and the only time I heard the name Jesus mentioned was in a sentence of profanity.

Something strange and very real started to take place in my bedroom at night, I would call out to God and talk to Him and he would answer back, not audible but in a real and sometimes physical way that I knew He was in the room with me. I started to have revelation of who God is, I knew that He was bigger than the universe and that He made all things and that He knew every aspect of my life, all about me, even before I was born. It wasnít until later when I had become a Believer in Christ that I read in His Bible that this was what His word said, ďthat the very hairs on my head are numbered by Him, and that He knew me in my mothers wombĒ

I would share my problems with Him and felt comfort that He was listening, I didnít have a father to talk to now, and my mum and I couldnít relate to each other, especially the way my attitude to life was heading. Even when I had friends come over and stay the night I would tell them that God is real and they would come to believe and talk to Him with me in our sleepovers.

When I was fifteen years old I went with my mum and her boyfriend at the time, to the beach, as they were walking along the beach I started off up the sandstone cliff that skirted the coastline. Now this cliff was about sixty feet high and I was a good two thirds up when the soft facing started to crumble away at every turn, I couldnít go up or down, I was scared and thought this was the end for me. At this point I thought about God whom I had cried out to at twelve years of age but had only kept in contact with in a limited way in the recent year, I turned and faced the cliff face and said to God ď I know I havenít talked to you in a while and it only seems to be now because I am in some really bad trouble, but please help me to get out of this situation and save me. At that point I turned to my left and looked, to my surprise there was the path leading to the bottom of the cliff. He did save me and answered my prayer, but this wasnít enough for me to change the direction of my life.

As I got older I entered into a life of alcohol and promiscuity, and with no one to guide me into what was right, I did what I thought was ok in my own eyes. I didnít try drugs until I was eighteen years of age, but once I started I thought it was my ticket out of here, emotionally and financially. I started dealing marijuana straight away, then started using acid, speed and magic mushrooms. My life was getting more and more out of control but through all this I met a girl that would later become my wife.

Pam went along with the lifestyle I had chosen and quickly took to smoking dope on a regular basis, so much so that I didnít make any money out of it, but ended up just supporting our habit. I was now in my early twenties and becoming more and more paranoid from bad trips, I was hearing voices and experiencing hallucinations when I wasnít even stoned. It got to the stage that I wanted to take my life and end all the insanity that was going through my head, I was in a scary place to be and with a house full of guns I came very close to accomplishing it.

I still knew that God was real and although I hadnít included Him in my life for years, I came to know that He hadnít forgotten about me, I was growing drugs out in the bush and also had some freaky big plants in my back yard, but as I would sit and prune and fertilise them each day, I always had the feeling that I was being watched, and sure enough I was. Just when I started to harvest them I got a visit from some crooked narcs who busted me for the rubbish but kept the good stuff for their own dealers. It was at this point the light seemed to finally come on and I saw Gods hand in all of this. Pam thought I was just plain crazy, but I knew that for us to make it we had to cut a fresh start and split from the scene we were apart of.

Now it was time to get right with God whatever that was, I knew He was real and our only hope but I didnít know how to live right for him. I started to ask real questions to every spiritual type person that I met, like why are we hear and if the world is going to end then why have a family, what are angels and so on. The sad part was that not one person gave me the straightforward answer that I needed, no one told me about Jesus. They meant well I guess, we would sit around until the early hours and have deep and meaningful's over my dope and booze, but they never offered me an answer, just a label that said Iím a Christian but Iím no different from you. I needed difference!

So now it was time to do something, I told my wife Pam that we need to split Adelaide and move up to the East Coast of Australia and live a more alternative life style, we had become vegetarians two years before, after Pam found out that she had cancer we looked into causes and changed our diets but still took the drugs and booze, kinda like hippy hypocrites. Anyway she said that she couldnít live with me but couldnít without me so she would give me one last chance. In the previous years especially when I was drunk I would treat her with abuse, which I am ashamed of, so for her to give me one more chance was all I needed.

Pam didnít believe in God at all, she was the daughter of atheist's, and she was one herself, and she just thought that I was a nut whenever I talked about Him, but that year we made our first trip up the coast to check out the land and disaster hit us.

We were on the Gold Coast Surfers Paradise, and I had been drinking, as we got back to our car Pam needed to find a rest room so I said just jump in and I will take us around the corner, well I took us around the corner straight into an intersection and an on coming car. Pam was thrown out the side window and my head went through my window and knocked me out, poor Pam was a bloody mess, her face and hand all cut up, but in all this God was still involved. Pam knew from that moment that we should have been killed in that wreck, she knew someone was looking after us and it was the turning point in her life.

We limped back to Adelaide and bought another Kombi Van to do the trip again, everything seemed to fall together now. With in two weeks I had sold my Harley got another van, bought a pickup truck to move our things once we found a new home and then Pam dropped the bombshell.

Pam was pregnant with my son, it was the most incredible feeling for us, every thing was new. We took off for the East Coast and left our old life behind for good. We spent two months living in the mountains on the NSW, QLD border, while we looked for some land to buy. I remember meditating in the rainforest and asking God to help us meet new friends, we didnít want to do the old pub scene and lifestyle to find them. Within two dayís we got an invitation to a place in Lismore to watch a movie on crack cocaine, which I thought, might be pretty cool.

Pam and myself just before we came into church

We turned up at the place to see a group of different looking people, there was hippies, straights and punk rockers, a real mixed bag, well the movie wasnít what I thought it would be but it was a testimony about how all these crack and drug addicts had tried everything, and the only thing that really worked was Jesus. All through the movie was this lady with no teeth sitting next to us saying ďpraise JesusĒ every time that someone in the movie would say that God got them off drugs, I thought hey its good Jesus got them clean, but do you have to shout it out all the time. I later found out that Robyn was an ex drug addict and prostitute that had been delivered from her lifestyle and that God had also done a miracle with her unborn baby which she delivered healthy.

At the end of the movie the preacher got up and asked us to bow our heads and if anyone would like to accept the free gift of Gods salvation. It was at this point that I felt the presence of the God that I knew, wrap Himself around me like I had never felt before, so I pushed Him off with every ounce of strength I could muster. I didnít want this to happen here, in front of all these strange people. I said no God not here, being too stupid to put everything together like the preach gives an invitation for accepting God and God comes on the scene and I push Him away, duh.

Well after the movie we met a couple that we got on with really well, one thing led to another and they invited us back for dinner, which we accepted. We left the church that night feeling different and I remember turning to Pam, and saying, at least now we have found some friends.

Well, we made dinner later that week, and as we sat around the table that night after supper, Alen shared the simple gospel for the first time to my ears. He said that I am a sinner and that my sin had separated me from God, and that God in His love had come down to earth as a man, Jesus, and paid the price for my sin by dying on the cross, and if I believed that He did that for me I could be reconnected to God the way it should be.

I looked at Alen and said I believe in God and I believe what your saying is true, and at that moment I became what the word of God says ď born againĒ Both Pam and my self came to church and made a confession at the alter the next Sunday. The preacher put the invitation out and I responded, I remember walking past Pam with her head still bowed, and thinking, everything else we did, I dragged her along, whether she wanted to or not, but now this had to be her choice I couldnít make her do it. When I got to the alter, to my surprise Pam was standing next to me, something the preacher had said caused her to respond and we both prayed together. The funny thing was when we prayed, me the one who believed in God felt nothing, and Pam who was the atheist, felt this warm breeze blowing in her face, she was looking around for the window that was open, God was doing something tangible for her.

We had finally found the answer to the questions in our lives, it was in the person of Jesus, and our journey had just begun. From the moment that I accepted Jesus Christ, I was instantly set free from all drugs and alcohol, never having even the desire for them again, my marriage was now being restored, we lived the horror movie now we were experiencing the honeymoon. Just the change in me and my attitude alone was enough for Pam to believe in God, but she has her very own and real relationship with Jesus, her quiet spirit and faith and forgiveness has kept me on track so often that I just thank God for giving me such a loving wife.

Pam and myself today

Well that was thirty one years ago now, and I have seen Jesus save and heal broken bodies before my eyes, provide financial miracles and bring families together and restore so many lives.

There is so much that I havenít said for want of time and space, but at the very moment this drug using alcoholic biker believed that Jesus loved me, and that He died for me personally, paying the price for all my sin and bringing forgiveness to my life, that's when my life turned around for good.

If you are searching for truth and answers, look into Jesus the Christ for He is the truth and He will not disappoint you.

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Posted - 05 Aug 2009 :  11:24:09  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
WOW what a story Phil, thanks for sharing, and all the best to your lovely wife!
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Posted - 08 Aug 2009 :  19:35:22  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
Ferraris and mansions may satisfy the ego for a time; intoxicants provide a spectacular mirage for the mind; good food will satisfy and nourish the physical sure; but only God can provide nourishment for the spirit and place it at peace. Incidentally, Godís gift is the only gift that comes free of charge. There seems to be this mentality these days that the more expensive something is, the more sophisticated it is (so they say). Itís about time God began to charge for his service, may be then people may take notice!

Like Kevin, I thank you for sharing a small chapter of your life with us Phil. All power to you brother and to your blessed wife Pam.


If it is not truthful and not helpful, donít say it. If it is truthful and not helpful, donít say it. If it is not truthful and helpful, donít say it. If it is truthful and helpful, wait for the right time.

Pride is concerned with who is right.
Humility is concerned with what is right.
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Posted - 08 Aug 2009 :  20:41:28  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
Hello Kevin and Fadi, thank you for your kind words of encouragement. May you be blessed on your own journey through life. Regards Phil.
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Posted - 29 Mar 2010 :  11:12:01  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
Hi, I see there has been over 200 views of my testimony, this is great and I hope it has encouraged you if your a believer, but more importantly and what I pray for is that if you are really searching for the answers in life and want to know more about GOD please respond and ask questions. God isn't hiding from any of us, He is always there waiting for us to open the line of comunication, but sadly we only seem to get real when we are desperate and there is some kind of crisis happening in our lives. God is so much more than a band aid that we reach for when we get hurt, He loves his creation so much that He gave His Son Jesus to take our place in judgement, so we can be free to experience real love toward God and our fellow man, to make us as complete as we can be this side of eternity. My friend you are not a nobody, but very special in the eyes of Jesus. Throw out any misconceptions that you might have about God and any images that this world and religion have implanted in you about Jesus and cry out to Him yourself from an honest heart with real questions and the real God will answer you and show you the real JESUS. All the best in life, Phil.
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Forum Admin

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Posted - 16 Oct 2013 :  20:54:08  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
Hi Phil - This is a great Testimony - with over 1100 views this has to be one of the best read posts here - Praise be to God for Brothers that will share their testimony

Thanks from Kev - Forum and Site Admin
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Posted - 18 Oct 2013 :  21:11:46  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
This is a great story, thanks for sharing I aplaud your change and honesty.
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